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We are a multimedia marketing and advertising agency.

1-Stop Shop, from design to finished end products.  

Our understanding of our client's needs is driving our approach

Our Approach

  • All designs are done within the corporate as well as communication profiles of our clients.

  • A proper brief is essential for a dynamic outcome.

  • Our production processes and the management thereof eliminates possible errors and ensures a more productive environment.

Our Experience

Multimedia Advertising
Innovative Design
1-Stop Production House
Our suppliers - We have developed a dynamic and reliable supply chain (relationships) with our suppliers which impacts favorably on our quality output and turnaround times

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Corporate Identity

Any successful corporate identity is due to successful branding – awareness. Before understanding the dynamics behind an established corporate identity, one must delve into the meaning of branding itself. Branding has been struggling to be defined adequately up till present, since it is so complex. It is complex, because it exists mostly in the minds of people (perception), and thought is near impossible to measure. The holistic experience of a brand ultimately lives in the mind of the targeted consumer. This association, between a company and its identity, is built over time by reminding the consumer of the company’s legitimacy through consistent service and products, combined with visual support. Studies have shown that consumers can identify well known brands with only fractions of information due to the association sets that has been built through successful branding (timing and frequency of exposure).

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Company Profiles

A Company Profile is similar to the resume of an individual. A properly designed company profile is a powerful marketing tool, and should be considered very carefully. Once you utilise the opportunity to introduce your company, either electronically or in print, it should reflect your core values – culture, key performance areas and experience. Your unique approach and competitive edge should be illustrated in such a way that the reader must experience the urge to contact you for all the right reasons.

A company profile should be well structured and easy to read, supported with visual design elements and images within your corporate profile.  You only have one chance to introduce your company.

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Graphic Design

Professional Graphic Design is one of the most important aspects in developing and design of marketing and sales materials. It is a team effort between the creative and technical staff. The brief from the client and the understanding thereof will drive the design approach. The creative director and the copywriter’s input will guide the art director’s approach to execute the development and design of the advertising materials (within the brief profile). We stay in touch with international and local design trends.

The key components of a professional graphic design:

  • A clear message
  • Within the communication profile of the target market
  • After a proper USP analysis, a decision will be made to either reconstruct the “problem” (the need) or the “solution” to the problem, visually. This in turn will reflect the benefits of the unique features as identified of the product or service.
  • Visual impact
  • Management of the quality of images and design elements
  • Management of graphic discipline and typography
  • Management of corporate colours and typestyles
  • Evaluating of approach – various concept designs
  • Professional presentation
  • Evaluation of target market(s) perception after being exposed to concept designs
  • Final artwork to be done within the specifications of various media
  • Final artwork to be supplied within the pre-determined deadline

Multimedia Advertising

We are a multi-media advertising production house.

  • Communication strategies
  • Media research
  • Media schedules
  • Media buying
  • TV commercials
  • Radio jingles
  • National, Regional and Local Newspaper and Magazine advertising

Packaging Design

Our company is experienced custom design and production of various packaging materials, labeling and branding.

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Website Development

We develop and design custom built websites. From entry level websites (3 page) to more advanced websites as well as e-commerce sites.  

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Exhibition stands

We design, supply, produce and build professional exhibition stands (turnkey) as per brief.

  • Modular exhibition stands
  • Mobile exhibition stands
  • Custom built exhibition stands
  • Inclusive of audio / visual displays
event branding stand2

Event & Venue Branding

We create and design any type of venue branding within your budget. Indoor and outdoor. 

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Signage Design

We design and build all types of signage.  Indoor and outdoor. 

  • Chromadek signs
  • Lightboxes
  • Neon signs
  • Digital signs
  • Mobile signs

Vehicle Branding

We create various types of vehicle branding. Design, Production and application to vehicles. Commercial, industrial and contract vehicles.

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Corporate Clothing

We are accredited suppliers, directly from the importers and can apply creative design and branding to all types of fabrics.

  • Corporate clothing (formal)
  • Golf shirts, caps and accessories
  • Event clothing – T-shirts, jackets and bibs
  • Safety clothing – all types of branded safety gear

Promotional Items

We supply promotional items for indoor and outdoor events.

  • Gazebos
  • A-frames
  • Various types of promotional flags
  • Pull up banners
  • Large framed murals
  • Branding of reception areas
  • Branded tablecloths, chairs, menu’s and serviettes
  • Display stands
  • Product dispensers
  • Point of sale branding

Corporate Gifts

We are accredited suppliers registered with various importers. From low budget give-aways to executive gifts (within your budget). All electronic and technical gifts comes with a guarantee.

Branding options:

  • Full colour product stickers
  • Full colour domed stickers
  • Pad printing
  • Silkscreening
  • Engraving
  • Embroidery